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Warframe’s Octavia has joined Prime Access

Warframe’s most musical, Octavia, is now included in Prime Access. Octavia Prime features a stunning new visual design alongside the suite of musical abilities that make her a unique character to play in the MMO game. The Prime redesign is a whole new look for Octavia, featuring gold hoop earrings, …

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The best Rimworld mods | PCGamesN

What are the best Rimworld mods? Rimworld is a colony management game with a very simple premise: you have to ensure the survival of a motley group of settlers, each with their own randomly generated skills, backgrounds and idiosyncrasies. Depending on the settings of the AI ​​storyteller, your experience can …

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Football Manager 2021’s main winter update is now live

Football Manager 2021’s major winter update is now live, bringing over 3.7 million database changes that reflect up-to-date information on player performance throughout this season so far. The update also includes improvements and fixes to the game, fixing some of the weird little annoyances you may have encountered in the …

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