AMD jumps to Reddit to fix USB connectivity issues on 500 series chipsets

AMD might be sitting well with the best gaming processor on the market right now, but the 500 series chipset that powers the motherboards that run it isn’t without its issues. A slew of reports have emerged on the new platform, highlighting inconsistent USB connections that intermittently cut each other off, rendering the best gaming keyboard and the best gaming mouse useless in the process.

Acknowledging the problem, AMD is attempting to find the root cause and enlisted the help of Reddit to collect additional information, including affected system configurations. Anecdotal evidence indicates that PCIe 4.0 settings or an underdeveloped power saving mode play a role, some systems running third and fourth gen Ryzen processors also suffer from the problem, but it’s hard to say until then. that AMD respond to our request for comment.

This is less than the ideal fix, but there are several community-suggested workarounds that have worked for some, such as disabling C states or reverting the x16 slot to PCIe 3.0 in the BIOS. Note that this doesn’t work for everyone, however, and if your motherboard BIOS doesn’t separate x16 from NVMe in the options, you could end up with a slower SSD as a result.

If you have the problem and want to help fix it, AMD asks create a support ticket through customer service. However, if you comment on the Reddit thread directly, a representative can reach out to you for more details, so it’s worth doing both.

An update on USB connectivity with 500 series chipset motherboards of Amd

We will keep you posted as the situation develops and AMD will tell you more about what is happening.

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